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Soothing vocal spray for sore and tired throat, keeps your voice pristine.
For Singers, Speakers, Teachers, Pastors, Moms or anyone that needs their voice 100% optimum.  

As a music producer I always thought, why do people come to the studio to record and say that they are not at their hundred percent in their vocals because their voice feels tired or sore, it's like some one comes to mow the lawn and says that the machine is not working that well that day, you would fire the guy! Well shouldn't he fix it before coming? The same thing happens with your voice, shouldn't we have something to fix our voice before a concert, and a class or and event where your voice is your main tool? Finally there is something. "Pro voice Performance" Formulated exactly for that, to keep your voice at it's best before, during and after the event. And the best thing is that it's all natural and with no side effects. The journey of creating this special formula started when my wife Laura. she's a singer and she develop a nodule in her throat, her vocals became tired really easy and if she would do high and powerful notes for a couple of songs, the next couple days she would have to rest and not sing to be able to regain the capacity of doing singing at full capacity again. It was frustrating for her and we did not what to do but just rest. Finally we started looking into natural plants and their special properties and how powerful they can be. Our goal was to create a combination that could soothe,  be powerful anti inflammatory,  to be able to relax the muscles, kill any unwanted microbes and viruses and have a good flavor without being an expectorant, because the least thing you want is to be expectorating during your performance ( We created another one for down time when you "do" want to expectorate and get everything out before your next performance, look for Pro voice downtime)   so we arrive at this amazing formula, when we tried it with Laura we were amazed at the results, she would apply it a couple times before the performance, a couple during and a couple after and wow,  the recovery time went down to basically nothing! She was able to perform the next day again with the same power and quality, now remember, she has a nodule and her voice is more prone to get tired because its harder for her and she has to put more air to get the results she wants. Now imagine what it can do for you! Now it's important to say that the key word here is consistency, when she has a performance she starts using it since the day before, then 1 hour before the event, then during the event if she just did and extra hard song and at the end to relax the muscles. If you get in to this kind of routine we believe you also could get great results. We are starting to receive great feedback and we know this is going to be one of the best investments you will make your special instrument, your voice!